Discover The Best Puppy Potty Training Tips

Tips to Train Your Puppy to Potty Outside

puppy training to potty outsideAlmost everyone loves having a new puppy. That love is because puppies are incredibly adorable and it’s tough not to like them. The one thing that most don’t like is getting the puppy house trained. Here we will take a look at the best puppy potty training tips to help you get your new puppy house trained as easily and quickly as possible.

How Long Does It Take To House Train A New Puppy?

It will usually take five or six months to get a new puppy completely house trained. It can take twice that long in some circumstances. The length of time is often determined both by the breed and how the owner goes about training their new puppy. If your new puppy lived with a previous owner long enough to develop bad habits, then it could take longer because you’ll need to break those habits.

Smaller dog breeds have to go to the bathroom more often, and for that reason, it may take longer to train them to not go inside the house. Regardless of the amount of time that it takes and whether or not the puppy has setbacks, you can teach them with patience and time. It’s important that anytime it appears that they need to go to the bathroom that you immediately take them outside. When your puppy does the right thing, make sure to reward him/her with either love and petting as well as cheerful words spoken to your pup, or occasionally by offering a special treat.

What Age Should I Begin Housetraining My Puppy?

Most commonly experts say the time to start a puppy’s house training around 3 to 4 months old. That is old enough for your puppy to have started having some control over their bowels and their bladder and they can begin to hold it a bit at that point. If you came to own the dog when they were older than three months, then depending on their conditions at their previous home, it may mean that the training will take longer. It will be necessary to regularly encourage your dog and to help reshape their behavior.

5 Steps To Housetraining Your New Dog

1. Try to always use positive reinforcement when your dog does what you want. When they go to the bathroom in your home, puppy pottying outsidetry not to use negative reinforcement because it can cause behavior issues.

2. Every time that you find your puppy starting to use the bathroom in the house simply clap your hand a couple of times to let them know they’re doing something wrong. Afterwards, take him outside gently or just call him to come with you to go outside. If your puppy then uses the bathroom outside you should praise him and give him attention to let him know that you appreciate what he did.

3. When you have those times where you didn’t see your puppy using the bathroom but find the evidence afterward, don’t yell at your dog. He simply won’t be able to understand that you’re complaining about something that’s already happened. His mind is not able to connect those things because for him; it’s already past.

4. When your dog is still young, and you take them out for a walk, you should plan to spend more time than you might otherwise intend. The reason for allowing more time is because pups need time to explore and relax. Puppies need to relieve the excitement of new smells and big adventure before they can pause and take a moment to squat or lift their leg when they need to pee.

5. One of the keys to preventing the dog from being naturally attracted back to the same place where they used the bathroom in the home is to use the right cleaner so that it doesn’t leave an odor that confuses them into thinking that it is a place for them to use the restroom. Using an enzymatic cleaner will help in removing the dog urine odors. Following these simple tips will help you to house train your puppy as quickly as possible.

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